Explainer Video

An explainer video is just that… a video that explains something. Explainer videos are great for businesses of all sorts, and can be extremely versatile to fit your brand’s needs. They can range from simple whiteboard animations to having a person in front of the screen, and everything in between. These types of videos are normally short and to the point, around a minute and a half is a great time to aim for. Videos can be shared with nearly anyone who has a decent internet connection, they can be embedded into web pages, and shared across social media platforms. These short presentations of who you are and what you offer are valuable assets for your business, and can help improve sales and customer acquisition. Unlike you or any of your staff, the video doesn’t need to take a break, it’s ready to work 24/7. You can place an order for an explainer video by contacting us.

How To Use Your Animated Video?

Your animated explainer video is good for your :
Social Media Platforms
Paid Advertising
Affiliate Marketers
In-store video displays

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You can be as creative with placing your animated explainer video as you wish.

Why do you need an Animated
Explainer Video?

Simplify Your Message

An animated explainer video can tell your audience about who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer when they visit your company page.

Conncet With Audience

An animated video can be a big plus on social media platforms. By this year (2019) videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic according to a projection by Cisco.

Build Trust

Great visuals help give a more professional persona for visitors to your website; And an explainer video not only looks great, and can quickly & easily tell your audience about your business, but it can also be used as an effective tool to show your prospects that you care about their problems.

Save Time

It’s said that most of the population are visual learners. An animated explainer video is just the thing to reach the majority of people, and works similarly to a tutorial or walkthrough, and is pretty much a (usually) condensed presentation of your company (one and a half minutes work great). This will help your digital community store the information in their minds easier, much more so than trying to read through a long whitepaper or pages and pages worth of website text. Additionally, the video is available 24/7, ready to inform visitors about what you do, and prompt potential clients to take some sort of action.

Good Impression

An animated video helps quickly and effectively communicate value to potential customers, which they are more likely to remember. It can be a great asset for growing your business and inspiring customer loyalty. Additionally, it’s a slick visual addition to your modern website (which hopefully you’ve also taken the time to come up with a slick logo and great copy… if not, then we can also help bring your website and company image up to par HERE).

Easier Sale

An explainer video, like we offer, can be as simple as a whiteboard animation or even more complex. It can be shared with anyone around the world with a decent internet connection. Sharing can be done on almost any platform, whether it’s embedded in another website, or shared on social media, it’s a diverse sales tool.

Type Of Video

, Explainer Video

Animated Videos

Animated videos are a growing marketing trend. They’re a simple and universal type of multimedia content for any business. Simple in that it doesn’t need a huge amount of people to produce, and it doesn’t even need a great location. With these types of marketing videos, the sky’s the limit, and you’re limited only by your imagination. You can use animated videos for a wide range of use cases, including: customer onboarding; explaining a concept, service, or product; training your team; showing customer appreciation, etc. The best animated videos use short and attractive messaging, vibrant colors that catch & please the eye, and dynamic movement, all of which help catch and retain the potential customers’ attention. All this should be in a proven format to inform, entertain, engage, and persuade the viewer.

If you don’t know which type of video would best suit your business, we’d be happy to take a look and give our suggestion. Send us a message.

, Explainer Video

Demo Videos

Demo videos are great ways to education potential users about exactly how certain products work, such as a piece of software; how a certain strategy works; or even how a service of yours is done from start to finish. It’s a great way to educate potential users/customers about a specific tool, feature, or anything else about your product or service. This helps visitors see what it would be like as an end user, which can help them in making a purchase decision. It’s a valuable education tool, and a valuable asset for your business. These types of videos use screenshots and screencasts (computer screen recordings) of your website or app.

, Explainer Video

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are amazing tools to generate, qualify, and score more leads. They can help bring your viewers on an amazing decision led story; or they can help streamline the purchasing process. What is an interactive video? It’s a form of video that allows the user to interact with, and even decide the direction the video takes. They can click options, complete forms, answer questions, make decisions, buy products, download content, & even more, without ever needing to leave the player window!

How Explainer Videos Work

The following aspects are found in the best explainer videos :
, Explainer Video


Your video script is a vital part of your video. It should ideally be around 90 seconds in length. Focus should be on the customers’ pain points, while at the same time telling them of the benefits of using your solution.

, Explainer Video


Your graphics need to be culturally accessible and age appreciate of course. They should consider your target audience and should reflect things that they’re well familiar with.

, Explainer Video

The voice of your video is very important. It should reflect your brand’s persona well and should match with the overall feel of your website and landing page.

, Explainer Video

Your video’s animation style should flow freely and be easy for the viewer to understand. It can range from motion graphics for more serious companies, or cartoons if your brand is a little more light hearted. 3D videos may even be appropriate for some businesses, like those with building projects. Ultimately, the way your video looks, feels, & works should be determined by how your brand looks and feels & by your video budget.

, Explainer Video


According to Digiday, people watch up to 85% of Facebook videos without sound! Make sure that these people know what your video is about (and keep them engaged) by adding subtitles. It’s also a thoughtful gesture for the hearing impaired who may decide to watch your video.

, Explainer Video


Music is another important factor. It also must reflect your brand’s look and feel, and should illicit the proper emotions from your target audience.