How it works?

The following aspects are found in the best explainer videos :
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Your video script is a vital part of your video. It should ideally be around 90 seconds in length. Focus should be on the customers’ pain points, while at the same time telling them of the benefits of using your solution.

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Your graphics need to be culturally accessible and age appreciate of course. They should consider your target audience and should reflect things that they’re well familiar with.

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The voice of your video is very important. It should reflect your brand’s persona well and should match with the overall feel of your website and landing page.

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Your video’s animation style should flow freely and be easy for the viewer to understand. It can range from motion graphics for more serious companies, or cartoons if your brand is a little more light hearted. 3D videos may even be appropriate for some businesses, like those with building projects. Ultimately, the way your video looks, feels, & works should be determined by how your brand looks and feels & by your video budget.

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According to Digiday, people watch up to 85% of Facebook videos without sound! Make sure that these people know what your video is about (and keep them engaged) by adding subtitles. It’s also a thoughtful gesture for the hearing impaired who may decide to watch your video.

, How It Work


Music is another important factor. It also must reflect your brand’s look and feel, and should illicit the proper emotions from your target audience.